David Beckham: Kate Middleton, Prince William Will Be “Amazing Parents


There’s always a bit of a learning curve with first-time parents, but David Beckham thinks Prince William and Kate Middleton will be ahead of it when they welcome their first child together — which should be any day now. In an interview with Sky News, the recently retired soccer star, a father of four himself, said he’s sure the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be great with the royal baby.

“They’re going to be amazing parents, because they’re so loving towards children,” he shared of the couple. “You see the way they are.”

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“You know, obviously I’ve seen more of William than I have of Kate, but William has been in all of our lives for so many years and we’ve seen him grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman,” Beckham, who attended the couple’s royal wedding back in April 2011, continued. “And I think that’s an amazing quality that he shows, and that as a father is so important.”

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Asked his opinion on what the parents-to-be should name their little prince or princess, Beckham joked, “David’s very good. David’s not bad. I think they should go for David, if it’s a boy.”

Boy or girl, the baby will be loved — that much is certain. Danielle Alexandra, a friend of Prince William’s and a trustee of the U.K. charity Centrepoint, told Us Weekly on Sunday, July 14, that the Duke can’t wait to welcome his child.

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“He’s very excited and very happy to have the chance to be a dad,” she shared at the Jerudong Trophy Polo Match. “He’s anticipating it with tremendous excitement. He’s one of the most loving people you will ever meet, so he’s the perfect guy to be a dad.”

“I am so excited for him — he’s glowing,” she gushed. “He’s glowing about this wonderful time in his life, and I think we should all be glowing with him. He’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”


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  2. […] David Beckham: Kate Middleton, Prince William Will Be “Amazing Parents (hollywoodrama.wordpress.com) […]

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