Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Baby Is Already a Billionaire!


Baby boom!

Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s soon-to-be baby is expected to boost the British economy tenfold.

According to the Centre for Retail Research, British retail sales will get a $376 million increase from the birthdate in July through August.

It appears that everyone wants to get in on the royal baby fun, as Brits have reportedly spent an extra $94 million on alcohol and $121 million on souvenirs from the monumental occasion.

It’s also been reported that the unborn royal could stand to inherit a staggering $1 billion pounds, based on the wealth of his or her immediate family members.

PHOTOS: St. Mary’s Hospital beefs up security for royal baby

Queen Elizabeth II has a net worth of approximately $660 million, with Prince Charles and Prince William claiming $370 and $20 million respectively.

And the big day is drawing near, with Middleton expected to deliver her first child any day now.

When she encounters the first sign that she’s in labor, the duchess will be rushed off to St. Mary’s Hospital in London’s Paddington district to await her child’s arrival.

PHOTO: Prince William plays polo in the midst of royal baby watch

Lindo Wing, St. Mary's Hospital, Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine, Prince William Imperial Private Healthcare

William is planning to take two weeks of paid paternity leave from his day job as Royal Air Force hero, but should his wife go into labor, he’ll have a helicopter ready to whisk him away to London just in time.

Middleton is all set and ready to give birth at St. Mary’s in the posh Lindo Wing, the same place where her husband was born 31 years ago and her brother-in-law two years after that.

The wing is quite literally fit for a queen. Each individual suite is decked out like a boutique hotel with a satellite TV, a radio, a safe, a bedside phone, Internet access and a refrigerator. Sure enough, a hotel services team will cater to Kate’s dietary needs, and there’s a wine list in case any of her visitors fancy a drink (or they need to quickly procure champagne for a post-birth toast).

NEWS: More details about Kate’s upcoming royal birth

A “normal” delivery package in the Lindo Wing requires a £5,500 ($8,600) deposit, and rates run £1,000 ($1560) per 24 hours stayed over any originally scheduled time.

Dr. Marcus Setchell, former OB/GYN to the queen, will lead the delivery, with an assist from the queen’s current gynecologist, Dr. Alan Farthing.

Middleton’s mum, Carole Middleton, and sister, Pippa, will be in the delivery room to welcome the newest royal to the world, along with Prince William.

The baby buzz is at an all-time high!


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  2. […] Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Baby Is Already a Billionaire! (hollywoodrama.wordpress.com) […]

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