Men in Hollywood who’ve been beaten up!

charlieAfter actress Emma Roberts was arrested for thrashing boyfriend Evan Peters, the press finally asked whether male domestic abuse victims get the short end of the stick. Here’s a list of other men in Hollywood who’ve been beaten up

We’ve all heard about the Chris Browns and the Charlie Sheens of Hollywood, but in a rare case of role-reversal, actress Emma Roberts, who’s starred in films like We The Millers, but is best known as the niece of Julia Roberts, was taken into police custody after she left her boyfriend Evan Peters with a bloody nose and bite marks following a fight in their hotel room. Later, reports suggested that they “were both hitting each other”, but Roberts was arrested simply because Peters sustained ‘obvious physical injuries’. It was also implied by several media outlets that the couple had a “passionate love affair”, with the reps for both actors saying, “It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding… and the couple are working together to move past it.”

The above is a bit deja vu-istic if we were to look at similar past incidents ( yes, there are predecessors to Roberts when it comes to female celebs abusing their partners). If there’s cheating involved on the guy’s part, he’s widely considered to have ‘deserved it’ (see: Tiger Woods). Otherwise, in all these cases, the abuse is seen as the fallout of a “passionate relationship”, with these women’s better halves often choosing to drop the charges or even deny that the incident ever took place.


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