Justin Bieber, Entourage: Involved in Bloody Hamptons Brawl?


Justin Bieber may be in trouble with the law once again.

According to The New York Daily News, the singer and his team were partying late Saturday night at Southe Pointe nightclub in Southhampton.

Multiple witnesses tell the newspaper that Justin’s bodyguards were especially “intimidating” and “overbearing,” shining flashlights into the faces of anyone that tried to take photos of the star.

Dancing Justin Bieber

After a male patron and Bieber exchanged a few fiery words, the artist “ripped his shirt off and went nuts,” an insider says, emphasizing that the resulting shot of Justin Bieber shirtless was anything but calm and relaxed.

“He was screaming,” adds the onlooker.

Bieber was then taken from the club and into the parking lot, but the argument ignited a physical altercation with one witness claiming he saw blood.

It’s unclear, exactly, what role Justin played in the fight or if he was even involved once things turned truly ugly.

But this is just another black mark on what’s turning into an unfortunately dark record for The Biebs.

Late last month, drug paraphernalia was found on his tour bus and just a couple days ago he received some flak for sticking an iPhone in his pants and talking down to concert goers.



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