Pamela Smith: Fined For Bogus Michael Jordan Baby Daddy Claim!


Pamela Smith, Michael Jordan’s alleged baby mama, is not actually his baby mama – and a judge has ruled that she will now pay for the false accusations.

Pamela Smith, Michael Jordan

Pamela Smith filed a paternity suit against MJ, claiming he fathered her 17-year-old son Taj and demanding a DNA test, full custody and child support.

Jordan did have a fling with Smith while he was married to his first wife Juanita, but denied paternity and asked a judge to fine her for wasting his time.

His Airness’ wish was granted.

After the court found that Taj’s paternity was established way back in 2003 – and Jordan is not the father – the judge slammed Pamela over the stunt.

The judge called her bogus paternity claim one big publicity stunt, pointing out she hired a publicist before even getting a lawyer and smearing MJ.

The judge fined her an undisclosed amount and ordered her to pay Jordan’s legal bills ($9,704.13). Not bad … well unless he decides to sue her now.

Jordan, who married Yvette Prieto earlier this year, was even the subject of YouTube call-outs by Taj (below), who insisted the NBA great is his dad:

Taj Jordan (Michael Jordan Secret Son) Video

Taj Jordan (Michael Jordan Secret Son) Video



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