Rihanna takes it a step too far as she shows off her new grills… in the shape of a GUN



‘s the trend sweeping the celebrity the world – with rarely a day going by without one star or another showing off their blinged-up smile.

But Rihanna took her love of grills a step too far on Wednesday as she unveiled her new oral accessory.

The singer posted several shots on her Instagram page

think we can all agree that Rihanna is not shy! But with a toned physique like hers, why would you be? She looks amazing in this carnival get-up complete with feathered headress and is definitely making us reconsider that gym membership.Her look is from bespoke carnival wear makers, Island Fusion and is literally dripping in jewels. It’s perfect for getting involved in some soca dancing but perhaps not quite as practical in the non-carnival world.

But let’s use Rihanna as inspiration for a glitzy and glam summer look. There are plenty of embellished biknis out there that will really give your beachwear a bit of oomph – whether sequins, studs or jewels, you’ll be shining bright like a diamond in no time. Check out our top picks below inspired by RiRi and if you want to take it to the next level (and have no intention of actually getting in the water) then style with a spangly cuff, costume jewellery and heels.

Or why not go the whole way. Find a carnival procession and shake what your mama gave ya.



Nicki Minaj Stuns In A Cool Alexander McQueen Dress On Instagram


Minaj used her Instagram account to show off a gorgeous dress. In this slew of pictures, we think the singer looks absolutely stunning! Do you love her look?

Nicki Minaj, 30, never ceases to surprise us when it comes to making some bold fashion statements. Striking more than a few poses, Nicki looked seriously sexy in a colorful dress. The super-tight frock definitely got people talking, as the singer went out and hit party scene in LA. What do YOU think of her ensemble?

Nicki Minaj’s Colorful Frock

On Aug. 7, Nicki uploaded a bunch of pictures to her Instagram, showing off every side of her curvaceous body. We were really impressed with her toned hourglass figure and her poised confidence in each photo. The skin-tight number was an Alexander McQueen design, featuring a detailed stained glass print. If you’re feeling like you want to splurge on an awesome dress, the $1,275 Stained Glass Print Jersey Dress is available for purchase!

She paired the outfit with some gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti red pumps that matched perfectly with the colorful stained glass pattern. Although her hair was jet black only a few days ago, Nicki’s stick-straight platinum blonde ‘do was to die for! She added her traditional bubble gum pink lip — which totally matched her pink manicure! — and her long eyelashes that made this outfit truly a ‘Nicki’ Original. As she posed for a plethora of cool pictures, the skin-tight mini dress hugged her body and showed off all of her best assets.

We think Nicki looked amazing in her Instagram photos — definitely deeming this look one of her best yet! What do you think of Minaj in her long-sleeve Alexander McQueen mini dress?


Justin Bieber’s The Key Fragrance Commercial Teases ‘Heartbreaker’ Single

Good news, Beliebers — Justin Bieber’s new single is almost here. The 19-year-old pop star has been teasing his next song, “Heartbreaker,” for more than a month, finally giving fans a first listen this week in the form of a commercial.

Bieber first announced that his next single would be called “Heartbreaker” in early June, posting the cover artwork for the track on his Instagram account. The next week, the Biebs teased his fans by claiming the song was available if they could find it, writing, “‘Heartbreaker’ is on the Internet somewhere find it.”

Bieber has been teasing the song on a weekly basis ever since, telling fans it will be out “soon” and “it’s gonna happen suddenly.”

The first snippet of the single was made available with Bieber’s new commercial for his fragrance The Key. The ad spot, shown above, features very little of Bieber, focusing on a woman in bed in a swanky hotel room. Bieber makes a quick appearance as he looks over his shoulder in the hallway of the hotel.

“The Key means a lot to me as a powerful symbol to believe, and this new fragrance is my message to my fans to always believe in their dreams,” Bieber said of the fragrance in an interview with People.Bieber is hard at work on his fourth studio album. Expected to be introduced with “Heartbreaker” as the lead single, the album is being hyped as the teen’s “music journals.” “I’ll just tell you that we’re gonna release music it in a very, very different way with him,” Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun told MTV News. “People and fans should be very excited for the end of this year because he’s just written so many songs on the road.”

North West: Was Kim Kardashian’s Baby Debuted On ‘Kris?

The Kardashian matriarch is set to premiere her talk show ‘Kris,’ on Fox on July 15, but she hinted at her surprise guest of honor in an Instagram pic! Do YOU think that’s baby North West?

Kris Jenner has hinted that her new daytime talk show Kris would be full of surprises — mainly, that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter North West could make an appearance on her show! And before her show premiered, she revealed a new pic on Instagram that could be of baby North!

North West On Kris Jenner’s Talk Show

Shortly before Kris’ talk show is set to debut on Fox, she took to her official show’s Instagram account to reveal a new pic! Kris is shown holding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket, and captioned the pic:

You never know who will stop by our show today! #watchkris

Although she doesn’t exactly confirm or deny if it’s baby North in the photo, it looks like it could be — and she’s letting everyone know to watch the show for the world debut of Kim and Kanye’s baby! Of course, she could also be teasing all of us and just using another baby to convince everyone to tune in!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West To Premiere Pics Of Baby North On ‘Kris’

Kim and Kanye had reportedly been arguing over the first photos of their baby girl, and a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye isn’t thrilled with the idea of his baby being for sale. The insider tells us:

I know Kanye’s not about to make money off that girl. Trust, that’s not going to happen. Kanye isn’t like that and he sure isn’t about to try to make money off of his own daughter. That’s not in his character. Whenever he does decide to bring his girl out in public, it won’t be for money. It’s going to be on his terms and in an appropriate place.

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Is that baby North?Image