Lea Michele Insisted Glee Use Cory Monteith’s Drug-Related Death As A Cautionary Tale!


This is so heartbreaking, but so touching at the same time!

Since Cory Monteith‘s tragic and untimely death, the folks behind Glee have been tasked with the near-impossible challenge of writing out his iconic character, Finn Hudson, in a fitting way that also makes narrative sense.

As it turned out, a grief-stricken Lea Michele had ideas of her own.

She actually approached series creator Ryan Murphy with advice on broaching the delicate character write-out (which will be tackled in episode three of the new season.)

A source close to the show revealed:

“Lea wants [that episode] to reflect the truth, to warn people what can happen.”

Aww! It’s impossible for most of us to even comprehend simultaneously losing a friend, lover, and colleague, let alone to drugs and at such a young age!!!

Clearly the sensational young starlet hopes no one else ever has to experience the pain she’s going through, and that’s why she’s all for turning Finn’s death into a cautionary tale.

What an amazingly resilient young woman Lea has grown up to be! We’re beyond impressed!

Glee‘s new season begins September 26th.