Top Story! Taylor Swift Rumored To Be Dating Matthew Gubler For Real! Get The Deets Here!


Is Taylor Swift really off the market?!

We’re so not sure!

But rumors of a new love have reignited, claiming she’s back up to shack up with Criminal Minds cutie, Matthew Gray Gubler!

As you’ll recall, the lovebirds allegedly felt sparks on the 4th of July when Matt attended Taylor’s Rhode Island beach party!

And now, a new report is claiming that Tay thought the actor was adorbz, so she messaged him on Facebook to connect:

“She messaged him out of the blue in June to tell him she thinks he’s cute. At first, Matthew didn’t believe it was her. Then Taylor invited him to her house in LA for dinner, and he realized it actually was her!”

Good thing Matty wasn’t catfish’d!


According to reports, they’re still TOTALLY dating! For real, for real!

If this has any truth to it, we’re shocked that Tay-Tay would reach out to a rando on the web, even if it was a hunky actor!

And what about trying to date a “normal” guy?!

Oh girl! Now you’ll definitely have some new writing material!

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