Rihanna takes it a step too far as she shows off her new grills… in the shape of a GUN



‘s the trend sweeping the celebrity the world – with rarely a day going by without one star or another showing off their blinged-up smile.

But Rihanna took her love of grills a step too far on Wednesday as she unveiled her new oral accessory.

The singer posted several shots on her Instagram page

think we can all agree that Rihanna is not shy! But with a toned physique like hers, why would you be? She looks amazing in this carnival get-up complete with feathered headress and is definitely making us reconsider that gym membership.Her look is from bespoke carnival wear makers, Island Fusion and is literally dripping in jewels. It’s perfect for getting involved in some soca dancing but perhaps not quite as practical in the non-carnival world.

But let’s use Rihanna as inspiration for a glitzy and glam summer look. There are plenty of embellished biknis out there that will really give your beachwear a bit of oomph – whether sequins, studs or jewels, you’ll be shining bright like a diamond in no time. Check out our top picks below inspired by RiRi and if you want to take it to the next level (and have no intention of actually getting in the water) then style with a spangly cuff, costume jewellery and heels.

Or why not go the whole way. Find a carnival procession and shake what your mama gave ya.



Chris Brown and Rihanna: Will They Ever Get Back Together?


Chris Brown and Rihanna are clearly infatuated with one another, but also seem to be toxic when they’re actually together. It’s a vicious cycle.

Clearly, emotion isn’t enough to keep them together. In fact, it may be the reason why these on-off lovers cannot seem to make a romance work.


“They went through a lifetime together and they’re only in their 20s,” a source close to the pair says. “They’ve had lots of ups and then a HUGE down.”

“Sometimes Chris can’t even look at her because it reminds him of the $h!t he did years ago. Even though she forgave him, the world hasn’t.”

“That’s the $h!t that’s f*%ked up. It still distracts him from his music and his life. It’s always in his face and it’s something he just can’t shake.”

Both Chris Brown and Rihanna faced the adversity and criticism head on this year when they publicly reconciled … only to split after just a few months.

It’s unclear if a specific catalyst led to the breakup – trust issues are rumored, and she’s posted more than a few cryptic messages – or if it just can’t work.

“You know, they tried it once and it was great,” the source says.

“They tried it again and it didn’t work. He loves her, but he knows they just can’t work. They can only exist as friends. The relationship $h!t just can’t happen.”

“They can’t handle that. It’s too much.”

Yesterday, Chris sent out a very emotional tweet to express his feelings, hinting at his retirement from music and lamenting the reason for his “fame.”

“Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when i was 18. I’m cool & over it!” he tweeted.

We feel for Chris, honestly, because we have no doubt that he truly does love Rihanna, deeply regrets his actions and is haunted by them every day.

However, he’s got to live with and rise above it, plain and simple, and that means not giving the “haters” ammunition or being surprised by the criticism.

It’s a vicious cycle of its own, and in some ways it’s not fair. But he can’t expect people to move on if he’s fixated on the event or people’s perception of him.

Do you agree, THGers? Sound off in the comments below.


Drake: Amanda Bynes’ Obsession With Me Is ‘Weird & Disturbing’


Drake is finally responding to Amanda’s strange tweets about him, and he’s being pretty understanding about the whole thing. Read on to find out what he had to say about the troubled star.

Amanda Bynes famously took to Twitter to ask Drake to “murder her vagina,” only to turn around and attack him with her proverbial ugly stick back in June. The troubled What I Like About You Star, who is currently being treated for schizophrenia, said rapper Drake has “the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes,” before quickly deleting the tweet. She also dissed him for having “ugly downward facing eyes.” Drake has stayed mum on the issue, but now he’s finally coming forward to say that Amanda’s fixation on him is clearly part of a “bigger” problem.

Drake On Amanda Bynes’ Tweets — Her Obsession Is ‘Weird & Disturbing’

Drake responded to Amanda’s attacks in an interview with XXL magazine, saying, “I don’t even know who that is doing that or what that’s about. If that is her, I guess it’s a little weird and disturbing.” The rapper adds:

It’s obviously a behavioral pattern that is way bigger than me. Whoever is behind it, whether it’s her or somebody else, they know people are paying attention so they keep it going.

Drake doesn’t sound too thrilled about the fact that he’s also getting attention as a result of Amanda’s tweets — but it seems like he is at least understanding of her condition and he knows she probably didn’t mean any real harm to him.

It’s clear now that Amanda has serious psychological issues and she probably didn’t have control over her actions when she tweeted about Drake, so we’re glad he’s not holding it against her.

Amanda Bynes Placed On Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

A lot has happened to the troubled star since her days of tweeting about how ugly Drake, Rihanna, Lance Bass and others are. Amanda was hospitalized by police and placed on involuntary psychiatric hold on July 23 after she was caught setting a fire in the driveway of a private Thousand Oaks, Calif. home.

So scary! While Amanda’s hospitalization was truly shocking, it was probably also the right thing for her, because it appears she really needs help.

HollywoodLifers, what do you guys think of Drake’s reaction to Amanda’s tweets? Would you be so understanding if she had tweeted about you? Let us know!


Rihanna gets half-naked on the streets of Barbados for Carnival

Imagehe tweeted that she woke up covered in paint and in a veil from partying all night – well, she wasn’t going to stay in and watch TV, was she?

A night out with Rihanna would be SO GOOD (we'd probably pass out halfway through)
A night out with Rihanna would be SO GOOD (we’d probably pass out halfway through)

Only Rihanna could fly to another country just for a big night out – and yesterday, she did just that, because she flew from LA to Barbados just for their version of Carnival and stayed out until 6am. Oh, Rihanna.

The singer tweeted: “Woke up in paint and a veil from partying in de street all morning!!! #Barbados #FOREDAYmorning CROP OVA almost here!”

The Carnival is to celebrate the country’s harvest of the sugar crops, but looking at the pictures, it’s a good chance for Rihanna to take all her clothes off, grind on other girls and drink loads. We think it looks AMAZING.

Just a casual night out for Rihanna then
Splash News

Rihanna also rode about on her bodyguard’s back, but we’d imagine that’s all part of the job description. “Take care of her, keep fans away, act like a donkey, hold her bag when she dances.” Y’know, just normal stuff.

The Foreday Morning Jam party started at midnight and ended at 6am in Bridgetown, which is where Rihanna grew up until she was discovered by Jay Z aged 16.

Riri took best mate Melissa Forde with her, but afterwards (possibly on a private plane back to the US) she tweeted it was back to work. SAD.

You wouldn’t catch Beyonce doing that, would you?
Splash News

“And on that note, glam starts NOW!!! New cover shoot today! I got a hustler spirit” she wrote on Twitter. So, no more bikinis, no more paint, no more plastic glasses? Oh Rihanna, we’re sad.

We love that on Friday, Rihanna was shopping in LA, but by the next day she was partying at home with her mates she grew up with.


Of course, everyone in Bridgetown was really excited to see her – and Twitter went a bit mental because an actual A-Lister was just walking around in the crowds like it was normal.

Rihanna getting ready – maybe at her mum’s house?

“Saw Rihanna on the ground at foreday getting Jam down Yu go Riri!” posted one partier, while others couldn’t stop spotting her: “Rihanna was on the road with us”, “Saw Rihanna today!” and “Rihanna Having A Great Time At Foreday Morning… Getting A Quick Lift Along The Way 😉 Enjoy Yourself RiRi!” were some of the excited posts. Other fans uploaded pictures of her dancing in the crowds, and one person called it: “the highlight of crop over so far!” One lucky man Tweeted the story his mate will be telling down the pub every day for a month: “Trav  is super stoked he got to dance with @rihanna at foreday morning!”

Flat shoes = essential

Er, can we come out with you please Rihanna? We promise not to moan when people spill beer in our hair like we do at the Notting Hill Carnival … (well, we can’t promise anything really)


Rihanna blew off deposition after staying up late watching Miami Heat in NBA Finals

Rihanna blew off a deposition in a lawsuit she filed against her ex-accountants — because she had a LeBron James hangover.

The pop star’s diva-like disappearing act came after attorneys for the Manhattan-based accounting firm Berdon LLP flew to London to question her, but she claimed she was too ill to talk.

It turns out that the “Diamonds” singer may have actually been up all night watching James and the Miami Heat play game six of the basketball finals, on their way to a second straight NBA title.

The game lasted into the wee hours of June 19, London time. At about 4:15 a.m., Rihanna tweeted “#KINGJAMES.” She also sent out a celebratory retweet saying, “Big up yaself bosh,” in apparent support of James’ teammate Chris Bosh.

LOOKING FINE, RIRI: Rihanna says hi to fans in London the day after claiming she was too sick to give a deposition.

Splash News
LOOKING FINE, RIRI: Rihanna says hi to fans in London the day after claiming she was too sick to give a deposition.

Rihanna later had her people inform the attorneys that she was too unwell to answer questions that day.

The lawyers for Berdon were furious at the sudden cancellation and went to court last week to complain that the pop star had sent them on a “wild goose chase.”

In a court filing, the firm’s attorneys wrote to Judge Kevin Castel: “There is ample reason to believe [Rihanna’s] illness was a pretext . . . Internet research reflects that she sent out a ‘tweet’ at approximately 5 a.m. London time.

“The only reasonable conclusion to reach is that (a) [Rihanna] was tired the morning of June 19, having stayed up all night, and did not want to be bothered with a deposition; or (b) this case simply is not enough of a priority for her to comply with the orders.”

They also said Rihanna “does not see herself as being burdened with the same obligations of other, ordinary litigants.”

The London no-show wasn’t the only time Rihanna failed to answer questions, the accounting firm’s attorneys said. She pushed back a deposition originally set for no later than April 19 in Los Angeles to the middle of May — and then nixed that because of a concert at Barclays Center.

Both sides later agreed to the meeting in London, where her lawyers are headquartered, at a time she would be in town for a concert.

When questioned about the June 19 London debacle, the singer’s lawyers repeated her claim of illness.

And when confronted with her basketball tweets, Rihanna’s lawyer Edward Estrada said in court Friday that he “has not looked” at her Twitter account and that she could have been sleeping and woken up to tweet — or perhaps “someone else handles her Twitter account.”

Judge Castel is giving Rihanna another chance to be deposed in the suit — in which she claims Berdon’s shoddy bookkeeping led the IRS to audit her.

He has ordered a deposition in August and said that he will consider dismissing the case if Rihanna is again absent.

He also ordered her to pay $100,000 to compensate travel expenses and hourly billing for lawyers for both sides, according to legal papers.

Rihanna Steps Out in Star Wars Print Separates

We had no idea that Rihanna was a sci-fi fan.

The Diamonds World Tour headliner is wearing what appears to be a fabric covered with images that would make a fan boy go wild: space ships? computers? mini R2-D2’s? We don’t know what’s weirder: that Ri-Ri chose this or that Givenchy designed it!

VIDEO: See Rihanna head out for a day of shopping in a swimsuit!

We’re having trouble judging the cut and style of the “Stay” singer’s look because we can’t get past that pattern. From what we can tell it’s an oversized t-shirt and leggings, which isn’t doing much to overcome the techno meets tribal theme.

Our only hope is that this fashion risk-taker is dressing to reach a totally new audience: 12-year-old boys and 40-year-old Star Wars fanatics.

Two more sponsors pull out of Chris Brown concert in Halifax


Three sponsors have now pulled their support for a summer musical festival in Halifax headlined by controversial music star Chris Brown.

In the wake of public petitions and protests, Molson Canadian and Halifax-based spa Touch of Radiance announced Monday they would be withdrawing their sponsorship from the event. On Saturday, Rogers Communications did the same.

“We decided to no longer pursue partnership with this year’s event. The feedback we’ve received from the fans has echoed out decision not to participate,” Molson Canadian said in a statement.

The American R&B star’s upcoming concert on Aug. 31 has sparked protests and angry outbursts on social media.

On Monday, an online petition to remove Brown from the concert skyrocketed over the afternoon from 1,156 signatures at 2:30 p.m. to 3,907 by 7:00 p.m.

“Chris Brown is as well known for his violent beating of his former girlfriend Rihanna. As a city, I believe it reflects poorly on us to not only host such an artist, but to make him the headliner of this show,” said the petition, posted by Halifax resident Nichole Snow.

Even the city’s Mayor Mike Savage denounced the star in recent days, but added that there is little the city can do to interfere.

“We have to be careful in telling people what they can listen to, what they can read, what they can hang on the wall, what goes in public museums, and things like that. It’s a bit of a tricky line. But personally, I’m not happy,” he told CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett.

Brown was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community labour for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

The public outcry is not without precedent. Last year, Brown was scheduled to perform in Guyana but cancelled after catching the ire of women’s rights groups over his history of violence.

Brown’s current controversy in Halifax came as a Los Angeles judge revoked Brown’s probation after details of an alleged hit-and-run accident surfaced. Brown was not ordered to go to jail.

Concert organizers say they are still confident the show will go on and that tickets will sell.

“It’s not my position to defend or endorse any of Chris Brown’s past behaviour. In this case, what we are promoting is the fact that Chris Brown is a multi-platinum award winning artist of international calibre,” Drop Entertainment’s Stephen Tobin said.

Tickets for the concert go on sale Wednesday.